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Just ask our real estate specialists and get help from start to finish transforming your project into an unforgettable experience with the help from us.

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Quality villas, chic surroundings, unforgettable experiences. Your villa is your canvas, and we are here to help you paint it to perfection.
With LVCC Real Estate, discover the world of owning a luxury vacation villa tailored to your preferences.


Experience the quintessence of luxury living in Florida with a touch of European decadence and let us build one of our exquisite properties for you that combine luxury styling and unparalleled comfort, with high-end furnishings to suit.

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At LVCC Real Estate, we don't just build houses. We craft exquisite dream homes that redefine luxury living. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for architectural innovation make us the preferred choice for those seeking the ultimate in luxury vacation real estate.


Our team of master architects and craftsmen collaborates to bring your vision to life.

Our expertise and dedication ensure every detail is nothing short of perfection. Your dream home should be a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle. We work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your luxury vacation home is tailored to your desires. We are offering you an exclusive selection of dream locations to choose from in Southwest Florida.


Invest in Timeless Luxury Properties with Confidence.

At LVCC Real Estate, we understand that buying luxury vacation real estate is an investment in your dreams and future. With our expertise, you can invest in prime properties with confidence, knowing you're making a wise choice. Each property in our portfolio is carefully chosen for its unparalleled beauty, location, and investment potential. From negotiations to closing, we handle every detail, so you can focus on enjoying your new luxury property.


Unlock the Value of Your Luxury Property with Our Expertise.

When it's time to sell your luxury vacation property, you deserve a partner who understands the unique value it holds. At LVCC Real Estate, we leverage our extensive network and marketing prowess to sell your property at its highest potential.
With years of experience in the luxury real estate market, our team possesses the knowledge and skills to navigate complex transactions and negotiations, ensuring a seamless selling experience for you.

With LVCC Real Estate, you will have a truly unique experience from start to finish.

Whenever you are ready to start, we are there to accompany you on your path to your dream home.

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Timeless interiors

Who we are

Luxury Villas Capel Coral specializes in the finest luxury residential properties in Southwest Florida.

At LVCC, we consider ourselves partners and friends of our clients, leveraging 20-plus years of experience in the real estate industry and, in particular, the coastal communities of Cape Coral.


Quality and reliability

LVCC offers a wide variety of luxury villas to fit your lifestyle and budget.

As Licensed Real Estate Brokers, we can help you buy, sell, and rent your home while providing the highest client service.

In addition, we can build your dream home or the ideal rental investment property. We pride ourselves on our quality and reliability and our ability to offer you the expertise needed, from inception to planning to design, construction and development.  

Versatile villas
Timeless interiors
Our mission

We will make it happen

We stand for exclusiveness, luxury, expertise, quality and reliability.

We are a licensed team of experts on every field that will walk you through all the necessary steps building your new dream home in the Waterfront Paradise Cape Coral, Florida.

LVCC is a one stop service that will take care of every step of the process for you. All you have to do is lay back, relax and tell us what your dream home will look like.

What you can expect

Expertise and services

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Architectural Design and Planning
Construction and Project Management
Interior Design and Development
Property Management
Marketing and Advertising
Sale and Rental Management
Access to Professionals in Real Estate, including Banking and Finance associates

Versatile villas

Reviews from our customers

Amazing realtor

She is an amazing realtor. She worked very hard to find us places that met our criteria. She was so knowledgeable about the Cape Coral area & different properties we visited. She was easy to work with & helped us through the settlement process. We would highly recommend her.

Wonderful Support

"I can 100% recommend Vlatka and LVCC especially if you are from abroad she will help each step of the process without overwhelming a client especially at the beginning. Thank you Vlatka for your support in buying a wonderful second residence."

Excellent real estate services

This is the second property that my family has sold under the tutelage, guidance, and auspicious of the broker Vlatka. Somewhat convoluted processes requiring at times vast technical expertise and legal knowledge of the real estate intricacies were made merely a negligible nuance by the professional, enthusiastic, and honest approach she demonstrated. I highly recommend her excellent real estate services to any present and future buyers and sellers.

Great asset

Great asset to me and my investors. Last house sold before it was completed. Vlatka is on task and a very hard worker. We are extremely happy with her.

Real estate professional

Vlatka is a real estate professional. Great Knowledge and excellent skills. She helped us in every case and was/is extremly helpful. I can wholeheartly reccomend to anybody!

More than impressive

Vlatka was more than impressive in our home buying experience. She actually listened to what we were looking for and found some homes meeting our requirements. We fell in love with a home and she worked with us to negotiate and purchase the home. That was just the beginning. We were out of town buyers and she helped us all the way through closing and beyond. She made the experience as easy as it could possibly be. We've purchased many homes and have never had someone so helpful. She's one in a million. A true professional who puts her clients first. Thanks for everything.